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    What IRS Notice CP 90, 297, 297A Mean and What You Need To Do

    When the IRS has shown an intention in levying federal payments due, they will send you a CP 90/CP 297 notice. Items that can be levied in this scenario include social security benefits, OPM retirement benefits, and salary. Other items subject to an IRS levy mentioned in this notice includes wages, business assets, commissions, bank accounts, and real estate. When the IRS does decide to issue a levy against you, they will send a CP 297 A notice.

    If I get a CP 90, 297, or 297 A, how should I proceed?​

    If you collect one of these letters, the initial action you must take is to figure out a way to reimburse the money you owe to the IRS. It is the fastest way to avoid the issuing of a levy or to have the levy released. Every letter comes with an envelope which an individual can use to directly mail the IRS payment and stop the levy action.

    When should I reply to the IRS after receiving a CP 90, 297, or 297 A?​

    You should not linger when it comes to responding to the IRS after receiving one of these notices because of the negative impact that one of these CP notices can have on your entire livelihood. It is vital to respond to the IRS with some urgency. Even if you are unable to pay the amount owed to the IRS, all you need to do is contact them to discuss options and they will remove the levy or threat of a levy.

    I do not have the ability to pay federal taxes owed or assessed, what is the necessary step to take?

    If you find that you do not have sufficient finances to pay what you owe to the IRS, you need to call them up and talk to a representative about setting up a payment plan. Continued silence toward the IRS will only result in further levy action and a possible tax lien. It is beneficial to get in touch with the IRS.

    I need to discuss the CP 90, 297, or 297 A, who should I speak to?

    If you have any questions regarding what you owe, the next step the IRS will take upon nonpayment and payment options, you can speak directly to a tax specialist who is able to provide the detailed answers.

    I believe the IRS mistakenly sent me a CP 90, 297, 297 A, can I tell them so?

    If you believe the letter was sent in error, you can request for an appeal hearing. If you do choose to file, you have a thirty-day window of opportunity to do so before further action is taken.