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    Are you are making minimum payments on your unsecured debt but not moving forward and falling delinquent? Are you getting creditors’ collection calls and like most people do not want to file bankruptcy?

    If yes, the best option for you is credit counseling with our business. Many people believe credit counseling eliminates debt, but this is not the case. Trained professionals at Ooraa Debt Relief will assist you to eliminate your debt and set you on the road to freedom from debt.

    Creditors’ main goal is to get as much money from you as possible and this is where we will step in and take charge. You have the option of setting up a Debt Management Plan (DMP), through the credit counseling we offer. This is a great option because it assists you in paying off your debt through structured payments that you will make each month. Ooraa’s payment plan will include debt reduction with lower interest rates and the least possible payment amount and term.

    We aim at providing our expertise to provide a customized low monthly payment plan just for you. Our counselor will work with you to determine how much you can pay each month and then negotiate with your creditors’ for debt reduction payment with lower interest rates and least possible payment. After negotiating with your creditors and they agree to our debt management plan you will stop paying your creditors and instead you will send one low monthly payment to your dedicated account and we will distribute the money to your creditors as per your DMP.

    It is different from debt resolution by means of settling your debt with monthly payments without the minimum price of your payments increasing. This concept will keep you safe from any action a creditor can take towards making your account delinquent. If you keep at least one of your private credit card accounts current, you can enroll in this program.

    If paying just your minimum payments end up being too problematic for you or you are having a difficult time making even a portion of the payments, Ooraa can discuss further options that better meet your needs. Our intention is not only to provide you with just debt reduction but also financial consultation and education to lead a debt free life.