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    Debt settlement is also referred to as debt negotiation, debt arbitration or debt forgiveness. It is a program designed to help people who cannot make the required minimum payments and are considering credit counselling or bankruptcy.

    Debt settlement is a program that can help consumers who have a large amount of unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills to save as much money as possible and as quickly as possible. So if you are struggling to pay off a high amount of debt then debt settlement is the right choice to achieve your financial goals and be free from debt.

    We at OORAA offer a low monthly deposit program that works with your budget to pay off your debts. We will negotiate with your creditors or debt collectors to settle your debts for much less than what you owe. Depending on your individual needs and the amount you owe, your debts could be resolved in as little as 12-48 months.

    We will look into your debt situation and will create a customized program that offers a great chance for success. No Fee will be charged until a debt settlement has been negotiated. If you chose to enroll in our debt settlement or credit card debt settlement program a special purpose account will be created in your name. As soon as the balance in your account increases our debt consultants will contact your creditors and negotiate settlements for lower than the outstanding balance that you owe. As long as you continue making the monthly deposits you will be in complete control of your account.

    OORAA Debt Relief is proud to be an expert in debt settlement with one of the most experienced teams in the industry. We have been helping individuals and small business owners for the past eight years and have resolved debts of over $6 billion.

    If you are overwhelmed with debt please do contact our debt relief consultants who will lead you on the road to debt recovery and freedom.

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