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    “I’ve Graduated from Ooraa Debt Relief Program!”
    ” I’ve Graduated from Ooraa Debt Relief Program.Surprisingly it was completed in 24 months instead of 36 months as it was planned.I wanted to say “thank you” to Ooraa Inc and their Customer Service Team for a job well done! It feels like all of the years which i tried to pay off debt just by making minimum payments were like wasting money. I wish I would have done this years ago! Once again “THANK YOU””

    Leena, P, NY


    “One Settlement Away!”
    ” I’m one settlement away from successfully completing this program. I would like to convey my sincere Thanks to Ooraa Inc for settling my debts which were in collections. I enrolled in the Debt Settlement Program to Settle my 4 Credit Cards and 1 Medical Bill and I’m almost done. Ooraa & thier representatives have done a great job in assisting me throughout the entire process””

    Hannah, S, CA


    “”You Did It!”
    ” You guys just did it. Its just unbelievable that you’ve settled my $12,000 account for 24% and my $10,500 account for 27%. I have been in this debt settlement program for about 2.5 months.”Even though I’m enrolled for just 2.5 months but I have learned how to manage my future expenses and avoid getting into debt again. Thanks again for always helping me in making the right choices .. :)””

    Sam, V, NJ


    “I’m actually Debt free!”!”
    ” In less than 3 years I came out of debt of over $50,000.00.”My experience with Ooraa was just awesome.When I saw their Ad on TV I was like its “Too good to be true”.How can they reduce my debt upto 70%,I had million questions running through my head.But when I called them they just simply answered all my questions.All I can say is “Thank you sooo much for your concern.Thanks again!” I can Recommend Ooraa to Everyone,my friends,family and whoever is struggling with the debt. Without their experience, I would have never been able to do it. And for that,I thank them a million times.Bless You.””

    Raj, S, TX


    ” First Thank You Ooraa for your help .I’m so excited to tell that I had 2 credit card debts one from Chase Bank which Ooraa Settled in 45% and other one from BOA settled in 55% that too by you guys.Thanks for help,being there and making my life Debt/Stress Free..””

    Nazreen, M, MD


    “I would recommend Ooraa to anyone “
    ” First of all,I would like to Thank Harman for all of his help.He explained me the Debt Settlement Process very patiently and precisely and cleared all my doubts about drawbacks of making minimum monthly payments and what options do we have to get rid of the debt fast.I’m very very happy with the results.Thanks Again Harman. “”

    Alex, J, WA


    “Thanks for the FREE Consultation “
    “Thank you Ooraa Consulting Services for the information you gave me on “How Medical Debts can be Settled ?” during a FREE Consultation . I would recommend you to any of my friends who find themselves with large hospital bills to pay off. “

    A, Price, NV


    “Debt Free”

    “Ooraa Debt Settlement were extremely helpful…The care and attention I received was 100%..I would recommend anyone wanting info, guidance and reassurrance to contact them as they are a team that will listen and tailor make a package for you.”



    Stress Free
    “When I first approached Ooraa Debt Management I was very skeptical as I had never been in a Debt Management Programme before. Everything was explained to me in such a clear manor. There was no pressure or selling technique – just documented evidence. This company has taken away the stress, and the fees that they charge are cheaper than anyone else I have seen in this industry. Thank you”
                                                                                                                         –Chris.T ,NJ


    OORAA Team. You are the best in business!!
    “In less than 18 months OORAA was able to negotiate with my lenders and settle over $90,000 of my credit card debt. I can’t thank your team enough for allowing me to become debt-free and make a fresh start all over again. Thanks to your customer service for patiently handling all my questions throughout the process and to your lawyers for handling my file in such an expedited fashion. Much appreciated! I will highly recommend your service to anyone who is struggling with debt. Thank you OORAA Team. You are the best in business!!

    — S. Chakraborty, NY


    This company make eveything possible for me .
    “I started with Ooraa inc. almost a year ago. I had 2 Credit Cards and 4 of Payday loans and i was so worried about that. I had no way to get rid of those. Finally i got in touch with Ooraa Inc. I saw that company’s add on TV channel. They helped me a lot and now i just finished my last credit card. I am so happy. This company made eveything possible for me . Thank you so much for everything that you did for me.

    — Seemie


    I highly recommend them .
    “We have been associated with Ooraa for over 2 years now… Our financial strain , inability to pay our lenders and their aggressive mode of recovery was getting to a point where a good nite sleep had turned into a luxury….. But once getting enrolled in their program helped us get over our debt… Although it was not as easy as it sounds…But Ooraa made it possible… They have a wonderful staff..Always ready to hear you out…Help u and try and address the situation with utmost efficiency…. I highly recommend them…They are true savior helping financially constrained people like us attain peace….



    Thank You.
    ” I want to thank you on behalf of my dad B.B Trivedi for consolidating and settling his credit card debt.We are very much thankful of ooraa.

    B.B Trivedi