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    Medical Bills & Credit Scores

    Affect of Unpaid Medical Bills on Credit Report

    Medical bills include financial obligations to doctors, hospitals, testing facilities, laboratories and ambulance firms. Sometimes these bills make their way onto your Experian, TransUnion and Equifax credit reports if you refuse to pay them. Unpaid medical obligations hurt you as badly as other delinquencies if they show up in your credit bureau files.

    Medical Debt Collection Process

    Like any unsecured creditor, a medical provider may turn your account over to a collection agency, or sue you in court for unpaid medical bills. Once a creditor obtains a court judgment against you, the creditor can request that the court garnish your wages, and place liens on your property in order to collect on the judgment.

    Settle Unpaid Medical Debt

    Like other debts medical debt can be eliminated by taking proper guidance through some experienced debt settlement company.
    Medical debt can be eliminated by taking help from professional debt negotiation, debt settlement and debt counseling company. Ooraa is a professional Debt Settlement company which will negotiate with the creditors on the behalf of our customers and provide services to decrease maximum amount of debts by taking reduction. We convince creditor about your financial crises and take creditors to some middle way normally waving off the interest and pay back only actual amount in easy installments.