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    Medical Bills Articles

    Can you settle medical debt?

    Plenty of studies & personal experiences say that it is simpler to negotiate with a doctor or a hospital than it is say a credit card company, or mortgage lender. Doctors & hospital are much less likely to go thru the technique & expense of suing you, they have an inclination to be more sympathetic to your situation, & do not require the bad publicity.

    Millions of families file bankruptcy every year due to overwhelming medical bills. The bankruptcy filings are often caused by them either having no medical insurance or being underinsured. However, even plenty of people with medical insurance can be overwhelmed. In case you are of those struggling, & you cannot afford to pay your medical debt or doctor & hospital bills, you ought to be able to reduce the amount you owe through a debt settlement program or company. With a debt settlement program, you can negotiate either yourself with the medical provider or you can use a third part company to do this. The aim is to lower the total balance you owe on your debt & to also agree to a repayment plan that will meet the needs of both parties. You can save as much as 60% & avoid bankruptcy.

    What are the benefits.

    The benefits are plenty of. Without help, you can default on your bills, possibly be sued and ruin your credit. Or you could file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy which is damaging to your credit score and the bankruptcy will stay on your credit document for up to ten years. You may lose all of your assets from a bankruptcy filing, not be able to take out future loans, a low credit score can hurt you when looking for a job, and in general, you may need to start all over.