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    Apr 16 2012 Email (Apr 2012)
    Ooraa Inc                   Questions? 1.888.888.9914    Debt Settlement Program  What is Debt Settlement ?Debt settlement is an excellent option for you to get out of debt, it reduces your debt amount, which will allow …more How Does it Work ?Debt settlement is a process where we negotiate with your creditors to pay off (or settle) all of your unsecured debt….more Actual ResultsSee our clients results


    Got Debt ? (Apr 2012)
    Got Debt ?Get Debt Relief Today ! Debt Collectors Calling   Get Assistance Now !   Cut Your Debt in Half in 12-24 months* Regain control of your personal financesAvoid BankruptcyWe work for you,not your creditors        Bankruptcy is no longer the Answer ! Recent changes in the law have made bankruptcy more difficult,more expensive and a less attractive solution.>>Click Here to Get Started>>  Call for FREE Con


    Are you in Debt ? Get Help Now ! (Mar 2012)
    Debt Relief Questions?Call Toll Free  (888) 888-9914  A Debt Free Life…Is A Stress Free Life! In Debt ? Get Help Now ! No fees until a we arrange a settlementBecome Debt Free in 12-36 Months*.Make just 1 Monthly Payment.Get a free financial analysisAvoid Bankruptcy.No Hidden Fees Advantages of credit card debt settlement program:You will pay off your debt for less than you owe & save upto 60%You will get out of debt faster than paying the minimum payment You can av

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