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  • Helping to Set You on Path to Financial Freedom
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    Debt Settlement Process

    Debt settlement is a process where we negotiate with your creditors to pay off (or settle) all of your unsecured debt or credit card bills at a reduced amount of 40-70% from your original balance.

    Advantages of Professional Debt Settlement Service:If you hire professional debt settlement company, they can negotiate up to a reduction of 70% or more . You only have to pay the remaining amount decided after the negotiations.
    With Professional help you can :
    •Save you up to 70% of total unsecured debt
    •Be Debt free in as little as 18 to 36 months
    •Stop or Reduce Collection Calls
    •Avoid bankruptcy
    •Make one easy monthly payment

    Debts We Can SETTLE

    Debts We Can’t Settle

    Credit Cards


    Department Store Cards

    Auto Loans

    Medical Bills

    Government Loans

    Collections or Repossessions

    Student Loans

    Business Debts

    Car Loans

    IRS Debt or Back Taxes

    Home Loans

    Personal Loans

    Other Secured Debts


    How Debt Settlement works ?

    Step1:Fill ” How much can you SAVE? form ” or Call toll free at 1(888) 888-9914 Mon thru Fri 8:00 am – 9:00 pm EST and Sat 9:00 am – 8:00 pm EST for a free telephone consultation with one of our Debt Settlement experts.When you will call us the consultant will determine your financial condition and will analyze if our debt settlement program is good for you, and if you qualify.

    Step 2:If the consultant finds out that a debt Negotiation/Settlement program is the only solution for you to get out of unseured debt, he will send you the documents to sign. The consultant will also provide you with details on the fees required and a power of attorney form which will allow him to talk to your creditors on your behalf.

    Step 3:When you receive the documents, the consultant will again contact you to answer any questions before you sign the docs. Once you sign and return the documents to the consultant, He/She will contact your creditors and inform them that you have retained us to represent you.If you continue to receive calls from the creditors you can direct them to us.

    Step 4: Our experienced debt negotiators will start negotiations with all your creditors to obtain a settlement. Our average settlements range from 35% to 60% of the total debt.We will keep you updated on your progress and will let you know when we believe we have a good settlement offer in hand.

    Step 5.When you agree to a settlement, and have the funds available, the settlement will be made on your behalf with your creditor.You will then disburse funds from your debt settlement account and mail the final settlement payment.

    When your debts are settled you can experience the peace of mind which is worth every penny you pay to professional settlement company.You can live the stress free life.Free of harassing creditors calls and letters .