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    About Us

    Ooraa.org is a matching service helping you find a program that meets your specific needs.Debt settlement consultants facilitate debt settlement programs for consumers who are overwhelmed with massive debt or who are considering bankruptcy as a last option. This process is also known as debt negotiation and debt settlement consultants are experienced in this aggressive, and often successful, process for debt management and reduction.

    One of our many different Debt Management plans can help just about anyone. It is a win-win situation for both you and the credit companies. Your creditors win because they save money by eliminating the cost of collections, and in some cases a total
    loss if bankruptcy is declared. You win because you can start living without the
    financial pressures, annoying phone calls and burden of paying off your debt for
    decades. You can actually payoff the principal on your debt since your payments
    are not subjected to high interest rates and finance charges.

    Debts We Can SETTLE

    Debts We Can’t Settle

    Credit Cards


    Department Store Cards

    Auto Loans

    Medical Bills

    Government Loans

    Collections or Repossessions

    Student Loans

    Business Debts

    Car Loans

    IRS Debt or Back Taxes

    Home Loans

    Personal Loans

    Other Secured Debts